The Canadian KONO Story

Kono Pizza started in 2002 as a result of a brilliant creative idea by the  Master of Culinary Art – Rossano Boscolo, from 2003 onwards KonoPizza created a catering concern equipped with all the services needed to open and manage points of sale. A unique project of its kind, the ‘Pizza da Passeggio’ (walkaway pizza) in the form of a cone, is the result of advanced studies and research both of a culinary nature and in terms of technological innovation.

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Canadian KONO

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We have Different Type of Pizza’s

Hawaiian Kone

Hawaiian Kone

All your favorite toppings, just a whole lot easier to eat!

Deluxe Kone

Fill your Kono Kone with rich delicious Ghirardelli chocolate, fruit, nuts and more! Make your won Koncoction!


We have mini kones that are sure to please even your smallest pizza lover.

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Franchise Opportunities

Become a Kono Franchisee and get to see the world. We are the leader in Mobile Pizza cones and have perfected a concept to maximize your risk for rewards. We offer in house financing as well as 3rd party financing for our Kono Potential Franchisee. But remember this is all based on your dedication for success to qualify. So if you want to hear more about this pizza in a Kone concept, get in touch with us today.

Kono Pizza Franchises