Kono Pizza started in 2002 as a result of a brilliant creative idea by the Master of Culinary Art – Rossano Boscolo, from 2003 onwards Kono Pizza created a catering concern equipped with all the services needed to open and manage points of sale. A unique project of its kind, the ‘Pizza da Passeggio’ (walkaway pizza) in the form of a cone, is the result of advanced studies and research both of a culinary nature and in terms of technological innovation. Immediately at the presentation of the KonoPizza idea at the Triennial Exhibition in Milan in April 2004, the project proved highly successful and enjoyed rapid growth leading to the opening of numerous points of sale both in Italy and abroad right from the first year and subsequently continuous, constant growth. Fast forward to 2014 when the franchisee team was travelling, and stumble across this concept in Thailand on a family trip. He tried the concept and loved the idea The franchisee decided to work with the Master Franchiser from Montreal to build the Kono Pizza brand. After the collaboration with each other, the team has grown the concept has grown and has had one of biggest growth in the mobile hospitality industry. WIth a team environment within each franchise from Canada to the United states, we all are working and striving for excellence. Kono Pizza hopes to spread the good word and get this new innovative way to eat pizza to everyone to try at least once.