Advantages of food truck

The food truck proposal is attractive when there is a well-defined identity and specializes in a particular culinary field, easily identifiable by customers. The feature can be related both to the type of dish prepared (only pizza, only fried, only hamburgers) and to elements that characterize the ingredients used.

It will be necessary to characterize the street food activity with an excellent product and thanks to various measures concerning the preparation of the vehicle, the show cooking with the oven, and the multiple aspects of communication. The food truck also has the advantage of moving to get closer to customers, even taking advantage of events such as concerts or festivals to serve a large number of people.

  • The creation of the brand
  • The organization of work
  • The choice of means and tools

1. The creation of the brand

The brand is also fundamental to differentiate itself from other food trucks when participating in events or fairs along with Catering kitchener waterloo, each specialized in its field. It is not enough to offer a good product. Still, it is also necessary to involve the customer in the preparation, informing him about what he eats to establish contact and stay in his mind.

2. The organization of work

The amount of work to be faced in street food mode, understood as the number of pizzas to be made and the number of actual work hours, depends on the place or event. The work in the food trucks is organized by dividing the things to do between:

  • Before moving on
  • Just arrived
  • During the service to the public

3. The choice of means and tools

In each step of the itinerant pizza chef’s work, the activities to be carried out vary according to the tools available and the medium you work. For example, you can choose to use the wood-fired oven for the perfect cooking of the pizzas, but it will be necessary to leave more space for the fuel transport, and the service will be complicated a little.

Choosing both the means and the tools is of fundamental importance to optimize your efforts and enhance the pizzas you prepare. First of all, Food truck catering toronto can distinguish between those who start the street food pizza business by purchasing a pre-fitted vehicle and those who decide to buy a normal car to be transformed into a food truck.

The costs are likely to be higher in the first case because the vehicle is already ready. It will only be necessary to customize it on a decorative level and, if necessary, adapt the tools. On the other hand, in the second case, a much more demanding job has to be done (which could be even more expensive), starting with finding the right vehicle for size and performance.

The size of the vehicle can be very variable: in fact, you can see several vehicles designed for pizza street food, from the smallest to the largest (vans or trucks).

In general, the tools suitable for street food must be efficient, managing to produce a lot of food in a short time and without consuming a lot of energy (electricity, gas or wood). The tools of an Affordable food truck should also be light, as this directly impacts the vehicle’s fuel consumption.

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