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Food truck catering

Life in the big city is getting busier and busier. And the children, they better eat in the nursery or at school! 

What is a catering company?

Food truck catering ontario is a service provided by catering companies, specialized in preparing on the day, transporting and serving menus at home, or preparing them on site.

Food truck is designed for communities such as nurseries, schools, universities, companies, and institutions of all kinds (public offices, day centers, residences, etc.).

Food truck catering ontario is ideal when, due to size or cost, the group cannot hire a team of cooks permanently or part-time. Or when there is no space or authorization in their facilities to cook.

Typology of services they provide

They can provide various types of services to their clients, companies, and communities of all kinds:

-The most basic service could be to provide advice and consultancy on collective meal preparation services. This would include the necessary staff, help to prepare balanced and varied menus, or design a collaborative catering facility for a center or company.

A more elaborate service would be the preparation of menus and transportation to the center daily. 

An even more evolved service would be the on-site kitchen service for a company or institution. In this modality, the catering company sends chefs and kitchen staff to the client’s premises and either takes advantage of their kitchen facilities or installs their own to guarantee a menu for the group.

In this modality, the customer is unconcerned, and the catering company provides the raw materials and cooks them. A supervisor guarantees the same hygiene and quality in the preparation of food as in the original facilities of the catering company.

 Finally, Food truck catering weddings can also provide occasional or permanent loose services. We are talking about catering for excursions or lunches on the occasion of parties or events.

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